About us


Who are we? 

Fourth avenue is a new online fashion label, committed to providing comfortable clothes at an affordable price. As well as selling clothes, Fourth Avenue also aims to provide awareness and normalise the lives of those who have a disability. In 2020 there is a huge push for inclusivity in brands, but may fail to include a huge group of people. Our mission at Fourth Avenue is to create one team that everybody is a part of, this is why we use the phrase ‘all in’. We believe that the industry has lost the ability to connect with their audience as social media has grown over the last 2 years. We endeavour to use our platform to inspire change and break down stigmas associated with disability. Our dream is to one day be able to employ those living with both visible and invisible disabilities and create a community like no other. 

Why fourth avenue over other brands? 

Fourth Avenue is a brand with unique values and business models that endeavour to create a family brand that everyone can be proud of. We provide the best quality clothing that has a unique style at an affordable price. We don’t believe in breaking the bank in order to be a part of our family. We provide a unique shopping experience for our community and are striving to use our platform to educate and inspire creativity and change. 

Our model (4 days) 

Fourth avenue is constructed around the unique model of ‘four’. On the 4th of each month at 4pm we will launch new collections / restock collections that will only be available for 4 days. The reason behind this is because we believe in creating a brand that puts their family and community first. We dont believe in pushing sales to you 24/7. We want to create a community where everyone is heard, understood and valued. The only way we can do this is by putting the focus on our community while we are not selling our clothes. 

About the Co Founders 

Fourth avenue was co-founded by Caitlin Maloney and Joseph Sergi. They Created Fourth Avenue after wanting to wear comfortable clothes that look great but didn't break the bank.  They also found a gap in the market for normalising the lives of those who have a disability by showcasing how they live there day to day lives. Caitlin and Joseph have been best friends since kindergarten and believe in building strong family values into Fourth Avenue. 

What. Inspiring streetwear?!

Caitlin and Joseph agreed that so many streetwear brands are overpriced and intimidating. If they could create a brand that educates their community to respect and value everyone regardless of how they are perceived in society, then they could endeavour to inspire change. If a fashion brand could design clothes that make you feel confident whilst feeling proud to wear Fourth Avenue then we have done our job.